I am in the process of revamping my Act! 2000 program to work on a networked basis in my small business. I will have about five people all working off the same database. I am also instituting handhelds (Visor Edge) for just about everyone, with them syncing to Act! 2000 of course. but I have a problem.

How do I keep my current visor address book file separate from the 2100 addresses in Act? First, the custom fields will not jive, so if they were together in one database, I would have to change my current visor data. Oh, and then programs such as Happy Days would fail. Second, I do not want much of my handhelds current address info to be public knowledge on Act!. And I don't want somebody else having their grandmother's address showing up in my business database.

Since I think that the best solution would be to keep the information mutually exclusive, Is there a way (or realistically a program) to have two address book files? Am I missing something obvious in Act! 2000 that allows private files?