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    My apologies if another thread has already covered this. I have an aging Treo 650 on TMobile's GSM network. Buttons non responsive...think its time to upgrade.

    I am a heavy Palm Desktop user, and need the ability to have my calendar, todo's, contacts, and long memo's sync between my desktop and phone. I don't check email via phone, but the feature would be nice. I've been told I may be able to migrate my data over from Palm to Outlook, then try a Blackberry, but I'm hesitant to move away from Palm Desktop after 10yrs of familiarity, and am concerned about loss of data, as I have long detailed notes, memo's, etc.

    I could go with another 650, but I was wondering if a newer Palm (again GSM and Palm, not Windows) like the 680 would be an upgrade. My friend tells me I'm missing alot with the new Blackberry, and I see this new Mytouch from Tmobile.

    Any heavy Palm Desktop users that have made the switch can recommend a phone? Must be GSM...Tmobile is really good in my area and I have a grandfathered plan.

    Thanks in advance.
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    If Palm Desktop is a must, then you go to the next Palm OS device like a centro. Otherwise, you with with any Windows OS devices or BB. I am with TMo as well and I still am using my 650.
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    Thanks. I've had my Centro for about a week, and am liking it very much.

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