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    I have been using TealOS sine right before palm shut it down and while I love it....its sluggish on my 755. I tried out PXAClocker and then Lightspeed but have seen really no speed benefit from either. PXAclocker seemed to do something (my imagination?) but caused problems with the camera. Lightspeed works better with the camera but the speed just doesn't seem to be much better. I've tried many settings too and searched.

    Has anyone any tips on this? I'd like TealOS to be quicker but no matter what I do its sluggish.
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    For the camera problem, simply turn PXA Clocker ( and Lightspeed, for that matter )off for that particular app. It's much more convenient to only overclock the apps you want anyway, so you aren't wasting battery life all the time.
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    I agree with fstop.

    Also, the less animation (movement) you allow with TealOS, the faster it becomes. Within TealOS: Menu==>Prefs==>Effects. I have everything checked EXCEPT "Don't animate card discard - all". You should see quite a bit of speed increase.

    For the record, I have been a long time user of LightSpeed and TealOS on my 755p.

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    Great tips...thanks!

    I also found that in messing with it, I had altered the bus speed on the camera. It was ok on the camera app itself, but when I was in the Facebook app and went to the camera it didn't work right.

    Right now I am only overclocking Agendus, TealOS, and Blazer. It has made a difference.

    Now by trying the tips you all suggested it has made the difference!

    Thanks again!

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