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    Hi all, new member here. I purchased a 4gb memory card for my 700p. It wasn't recognized after I formatted the card, then I read that I have to install the 700p firmware update to get the card to work. From what I see, this requires all of the info on my phone to be erased, then reinstalled with a hot sync. This is fine, but...

    My issue is, I have a lot of voice memos on my phone that I want to save. From what I've ready, I can back them up to a memory card, but before I can use a memory card I have to wipe my phone. See the problem?

    I'm on a Mac, and the voice memos won't sync up with my mac for some reason. I'm using the built in voice memo program.

    What do I do? Is there way to get around this? My wife has a PC, does anyone know if the voice memos will sync with a PC?

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    I think the voice memos will sync with a PC, provided you use the version of Palm Desktop that came on the 700P disc.

    If not, then here's what I would do. Native Treo without the Maintenance release/firmware update will recognize non "HC" SD cards just fine i.e. up to 2 GB. Surely you must have some spare SD card lying around? Maybe an old 1GB or a 512MB from some other gadget or camera? (if not- most Walgreens/CVS sell 1GB cards for $10 or if you can wait a few days-- you can get a 2GB for $10 online) Say you have one in your camera for example. Borrow this SD card-- -first saving all the pictures to your computer's hard drive. Insert the SD card into your Treo where it should be recognized. If Treo needs to reformat-- go ahead as you already saved your pictures--- you can always have the camera reformat again once you swap the SD card back.

    Then save the voicememos onto your temporary SD card. Also do a hotsync so you can get back your contacts, calendar etc.

    Then save voice memos from SD card to your computer for safekeeping. Then wipe your treo and install the maintenance release firmware update.

    Then, copy the voicememos from the sd card back to the Treo.
    Then swap back the old SD card to whence it came, and pop in the 4GB card as it will now be recognized.
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