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    I have been having problems with (among other things) the drop down menus on my Centro. Hit the drop down key and the menus drop down. Scroll down and try and select an action such as delete and the wrong action is attempted. The drop down appears to be off 1-2 lines. I also cannot move to the right to the next drop-down (if there is more than 1 available such as when in the phone screen). Now here is the really odd part.

    I DL'd NVBackup and backed up the phone. I did a hard reset and (after having issues with the touchscreen which is another issue that may or may notbe related) and the drop-downs worked perfectly.... Until I restored the backup file. Then its back to the same problem.

    Any clues?
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    Well the problem actually seems to be linked to the malfunctioning touchscreen application. I just did another hard reset and using the **** end of a big pen, got passed the touch screen alignment screen and I actually had my touch screen abilities back as well as the drop downs (I didn't restore the backup this time) for a little while. All of a sudden the touchscreen app stopped working as before and then the drop down issue returned. Very weird.

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