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    Looking at the different launchers available. Seems that TouchLauncher, Treo Launcher, and TakePhone are the most popular.

    Does one stand out over the others. Could someone post a pro con and recommendation for a launcher.

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    TAKEphONE's not really a launcher, I mean, you can set the ibar up to act as a launcher, but it's not very practical, and it's far from the best.

    TouchLauncher is pretty and has plenty of touchscreen actions, but it's just too slow if you ask me.

    TreoLauncher is my favorite, it's fast and a very small filesize. The type-to-launch is hard to beat.

    The first two apps have trial periods, so you can try them both for free. TreoLauncher is free.

    The only other suggestion I'd give is Initiate. it's by far the most abundant, customizable, fast launcher, but it costs $10 (or more?) and I just can't see spending that much money on a launcher- especially for an abandoned OS.

    Personally, I barely ever use my launcher anyway, cause with Apt, you can set it up so that holding any letter on the keyboard brings up an on-screen list of all your apps beginning with that letter... if you're interested in the 'universal search-ish' approach.
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    Well, as a user of both Touchlauncher and TAKEphONE, I'd recommend the former for a launcher.

    Pros: The price isn't bad (should still be around $7), so far all upgrades have been free to existing users, and people have been creating and contributing custom icons for the launcher (which is my fav part). This launcher allows you to both order your apps however you want, regardless of whether they're on the RAM or SD Card, but it also allows you to assign one of the custom icons to it if you're not happy with the default one. Also, you can assign an icon to a weblink ( for example) to act as a shortcut right from the main launcher's screen, query a search and choose between searching the Treo's RAM, or the internet (with multiple search engines coming in the next release). You can even create icons for shortcuts to dial particular individuals, but if I recall you'll have to also load in Touchbook for that particular feature. Oh, and the creator of this launcher's pretty supportive as well, if the FAQ doesn't help.

    Cons: Really the only downside for me is when you load an app onto your Treo, you have to then "load" it into the launcher seperately, by picking it from the list of your existing apps, and assigning it a category and having the choice to replace the name or icon. If you have a bunch of stuff to put in TL (or when you first set it up), you can do a memory scan of just the RAM, or you can include your SD Card.
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    Initiate is by far the best launcher - you can launch applications, dial numbers or send sms's from the one launcher. And it looks good too.
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    ScrBtn (ScreenButton) is great, and free(ware).

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