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    Hi fellow Visorians, (that's what happens when you watch too much Star Trek

    Got a question about picture viewer software. Can anyone suggest a good one that support VFS and can be ran on Palm OS 3.0 (I got a Visor solo). I know that IMager-X does not support VFS and my 2M RAM juat isn't enough, so I have to put the images in my external storage.

    Thanks a lot

    Al dude
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    SplashPhoto my pic ( sorry for the pun ). It works very well with VFS and my Innnopocket Flash Adapter.
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    Thanks a lot... I'll look into that one.... Holy cow! $19 bucks for it....
    Al dude
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    You could also try JpegWatch. No need to convert images. Just write them straigtht to CF card...

    I tried it, it's good but no Thumbnail view...
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    I, too, recommend SplashPhoto. I use it with my InnoPocket FlashPlus and it works great!

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