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    Morning, folks -

    I have had the Centro for about a year and a half now, and love it to death. I encountered the first problem with it today: The thing is very very slow to charge.

    Usually, I can get almost a full charge in about an hour, but after leaving it plugged in all night last night it was only up to 67%. I didn't notice the little lightning bolt on the battery that tells you visually if it's charging before I disconnected it, but once I got into my car this morning I plugged it in again.

    Imagine my surprise when, while plugged in, I heard the sound of it unplugging and plugging in repeatedly - about 7 or 8 times. This happened three times in my40min commute. Now that I am at work, It's been plugged in for three hours and I am up to 87%.

    What do you guys think: battery or hardware issue? I've never had a problem before with this phone (except for that time I dropped it under a crane's tire on the jobsite - which was covered under the insurance policy), and I hate that it's track record is now tarnished.
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    Considering the age of the device, the plugged/unplugged sounds, & the fact that you had the same problem with more than one charger, I'd say the charging contacts are probably dirty. Use a q-tip or something similar to clean the place where you stick the charger. Dab a little rubbing alcohol on the q-tip to get it polished up like new. Do your hotsync contacts while you're at it, too- won't hurt as long as you don't drown it in alcohol.
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    or probably a battery issue. sometimes the constant battery strain (using the unit when recharging) can cause premature wear and tear of the battery thus affecting performance and storage.
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    Great - thanks for the info!

    I haven't tried the sync cable yet, but I will since that will prove your theory about the contacts being dirty. If the cable charges slowly as well, then it's probably the battery & I should try to replace it with an iPhone . . .

    . . . er . . . um . . I mean, I new battery.
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    USB charging is a trickle charge.. it takes 5-10 times longer than the wall charger. So it's not a really good comparison.. but it should definitely charge faster than what you're describing.
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    Batteries are cheap on Ebay. I just bought one for my Centro for $6.00.
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    Well, since I am single without kids (HEY LADIES!!) I don't have rubbing alcohol around; and my Dr told me not to stick anything bigger than my elbow in my ear so I don't have Q-tips.

    But, I flushed the contacts on the phone with a few prolonged blasts of air from a can & it seemed to work - the phone was @ 77% when I plugged it in last night, and was at a full 100% this morning.

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