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    My Treo 680 was giving me a problem so I was advised by my service provider to do a hard reset, erase everything and see if the problem goes away. The problem is still there but I am now having problem with restoring from my Palm Desktop. Here is what I did:

    1. Performed HotSync and backed up everything to Palm Desktop on my PC under user name User1.
    2. Did a Hard Reset and erased everything.
    3. Used the Phone for a week.
    4. Created another user on HotSync Manager named User2.
    5. Did another Hotsync to User2. (I did this to save my one week's history hoping that I can somehow add it to my phone after restoring the previous backup).
    6. Now tried HotSync using User1 but it will always hotsync with User2. I have deleted User2 from Hotsync Manager and tried using User1 but it keeps creating another User2 account.
    7. Tried various tactics like renaming User1 to User2 and vice versa but I can't get it to restore my original history.

    Can someone please help me restore my Treo from the original backup.

    Thanks in advance for any help.....

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    Why not just move the contents of the User2 data to a temporary folder, and then copy the contents of User1 to the User2 folder. Then HotSync as User2, but with User1's data.

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