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    I bought FullChange NiMH battery for my VDX last week. It's really good and I don't have to change the batteries. However the battery meter is confusing me.

    I tapped :shortcut: . 7 to change battery to NiCd (no NiMH on VDX). The battery meter of VDX always shows 100% while chronoHack (set battery type to NiCd too) shows 76%. Which one is accurate?

    Can someone recommend some hacks that can show NiMH battery usage accurately?
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    You could try BatteryPanel, Battery Log or Runtime. All of those display battery voltages. Don't know if they'll differ from what PalmOS displays. They've always matched on my Platinum.
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    I use Battery Meter Hack and Runtime on my VDx with the FullCharge without any problems.
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    I've just started using NiMHs (energizer variety...)

    Along with I started using batter hack, battery log, and runtime. Seems to be all good software for little $$$.

    I recently spotted Gconsole and it have batetry conitor functions as well as sever other good utilities. Might be a good replacement for "SuperUtility".

    I'm a VPL though...
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    I've been using NiMH on my VDX for 1.5 years, and the :shortcut: . 7 option has worked fine for me. I get a very accurate read of my batteries settings at this level from the standard battery meter displays.

    My suspicion is that ChronoHack is measuring your voltage on the Alkaline scale, but that's just me.
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