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    Had to wake my 650 out of retirement due the Centro freeze/lag problems and since its a while until the Pre GSM arrives I need a SD card for the Treo.

    Will it handle a normal 2Gb SD-card or even more?
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    Without custom ROM modification, 2Gig.
    With custom ROM modification and apps still work, at least 4G SD HC card. You can use also higher capacity ones like an 8G card, users report some of the base apps cannot use it reliably like the camera, etc, not mention, the OS reports only 4G available.

    You can read this thread:
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    yup, safe to say it's 2GB unmodified. i'm running 4GB SDHC on my treo 650, was gunning for 8GB but i put the wrong driver. having the 4GB run on palm OS is sloooow! i could imagine what the read/write speed on an 8 GB!
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    I don't have a problem with the 4GB HC card. It actually helped since I use an LinkStart to swap my other applications between my SD card and main memory. It was much slower with the old 2G SD card I had.

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