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    Has anybody else been unable to sync with Yodlee? I have not been able to sync for at least the past few weeks. I e-mailed Yodlee and they said they would look into it. Thanks--
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    Yup. I get the same error. Really sucks because Yodlee is so useful. I emailed them too and they said the same thing

    Looks like we'll just have to wait it out.
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    are you still getting this problem?
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    Yes, it is still not working. My (uneducated) guess is that they may drop this service for non-wireless Palms.
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    I just sent them another e-mail asking for me specific information. We'll see.
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    sweet! keep us posted!
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    Here is the most recent response:


    Unfortunately, we still are experiencing technical difficulties with this product. We are aware of the problem, though we do not have a definite date to when this will be resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience this may be causing you.

    Warm regards,
    Yodlee Support

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    BUMP - are you still having this problem? I want to know if I should try fiddling with Yodlee on my visor again.

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    It is working for me now, though not every time (70% of the time). Strangely enough, it does not work for another guy I work with, and he has it set up exactly the same way as I do. We have tried reinstalling it and uninstalling and then reinstalling it and it still will not work. Have you had it work? Have you e-mailed them?
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    Boy, this is strange. I can get Yodlee to sync with my Windows 2K machine at home, but not on my Win2K machine at the office! It goes through the motions of syncing, but nothing gets through. I will check my conduits that aare loaded in each location and see if there is a difference. Two of my employees at the office sync fine. One with Win2K & one with XP.
    This seems like a nice service, but it is less useful if I cannot sync my Prism with it. I hope they work out the bugs.
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    i still get the same error - so I just sent an email off to their tech support.

    They're usually good at responding.

    I love their service, however - great website.... now if I can only figure out how to track my student loans, I'd be able to have all my accounts on one page!
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    Same with me--All I need is the student loans info from the Department of Education and I would be set. Right now it is syncing for me pretty well, but it takes a long time. I have 22 accounts set up, and it sometimes takes as much as 5 minutes for them to sync.
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    If you have student loans through the govt., you can add them to Yodlee now. Go to the loans section and choose Direct Loan Services Online. You must have a PIN to use it. Pretty sweet.
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    Thanks for the update! This thread should be entitled "Official Yodlee Support Thread"

    Anyway, yes, I just added my Direct Loans -

    Forgot that one of my credit unions still doesn't show up on their list. Other then that, Yodlee is extremely impressive!
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    Just out of curosity - how did you know that Yodlee started offering Direct Loans as an option?

    Is there a place where you can view Yodlee's new features?

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    I found something interesting. If I have two Yodlee accounts with Identical names, they will show up on the website, but then nothing will sync with my Visor. I had two different Wells Fargo accounts (One home & one business). As long as I had the two there, nothing would transfer. If I deleted one, everything worked fine again. I guess it is a problem with duplicate names.
    Oh well, I will just create two different Yodlee accounts and only sync one with my Visor.

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    Originally posted by MitzEclipse

    Just out of curosity - how did you know that Yodlee started offering Direct Loans as an option?

    Is there a place where you can view Yodlee's new features?

    No, I was just crawling around the loans area of the site, looking for U.S. Department of Education, Department of Education, Student Loans, etc. until I stumbled upon it. Pure luck.
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    I checked out this site and it's very neat. But, it appears that you have to have a PC to synch to a Visor. Is that true? I have a Mac. Or, is thta just to download the software?
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    It looks like that is true:

    that link only has the Windows version... too bad - it's a great program. Just use Yodlee for the web, this has gotta be the top 10 websites/utilities out there!
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