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    I have upgraded my OS from Win98 to WinXP and I am having some problems synching my Visor. Compounding the problem, I purchased an M100 for my wife and she needs to synch her handheld as well, but her Palm came with its own software and an older version of the Palm Desktop, which I installed in a different directory (i.e. C:\Palm2).

    I followed the XP tips on the HS website. I uninstalled the old HS Palm Desktop; downloaded Palm Desktop 4.0 and installed, and plugged my Visor into the USB port. I can synch, but only randomly. Sometimes my PC respond when I press the Hotsync button, sometimes not. Same with my Wife's M100 while she's logged into XP under her Username. Does any one have a tip or two to get me outta this jam? Thanks in advance!
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    There are several threads covering this topic already, so you might want to perform a search.

    However, there is one tip that seems to have helped some people and that is:

    Go to "device manager", expand the "usb controller" tree, right click on "usb-root-hub", select "properties". Then click on the
    last tab "energy management" and uncheck the line "computer can shut down device, to save energy".
    For each usb port, there is an "usb-root-hub". So you have to
    repeat this procedure.

    Also, you did not need to install both versions of PalmDesktop. As long as you have Desktop 4.0 you should be able to Sync both your Visor and your wifes M100 to the same PalmDesktop.
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