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    I wanted to use my Visor for a remote control for Winamp, and remembered a program called PalmAMP. I downloaded the trial, and the damn thing just keeps slowing the system down to almost a lock. (Task manager can kill it, and the system comes back.)

    Has anyone tried getting this to work with a Visor? I have a Visor Deluxe, using a serial cradle on Win2k.

    Thanks in advance for the input.
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    I haven't used Palmamp, but I have used Jukebox with my Visor Deluxe to control Winamp. It is pretty amazing.
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    I have PalmAmp working fine (controls WinAmp on a 760 XD 166 using a plugin) via IR without any slowdows or problems. I'll have to check on the exact settings and etc.

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