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    i have done a very extensive search and im far from a noob.....i have a new att centro that i would like to use for tmo ....part of the problem i have had is that the terminology is a little different from what im used to i have an att tilt with a custom rom from xda//an iphone 1st gen running 3.o software with working mms jailbroken using redsnow//and i have mfi multiloader that i have used to debrand over 30 various model bb's now im at wits end so a little help is needed unlocking or updating my my centro
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    Just get it unlocked. What is the problem? I'm on Sprint, but I assume there are people who can unlock your Centro. I just did a Google search and found several promising links.
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    yes there are people that do it...however i would like to do it myself.....& y waste keystrokes with no usefull info????
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    ATT will unlock the phone for you (they will provide the code) if your account is in good standing and have been a customer for 90 days. It helps to say you are going to travel internationally as well.

    If you are not an ATT customer (which I don't think you are) you will probably have to go through one of the many unlocking services out there.
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