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    I got my 680 the other day and I want to clean up the apps screen a little bit. There maybe 5 or 6 things I know I won't use [PTT for example..] but when I highlight it and go to "Delete", nothing happens. I end up at a list with programs on it but none of them blatantly say "Push To Talk". I want to delete the MobiTV, HotSync, GetGood, and TeleNav maybe also.
    Any ideas??

    Also, when I imported my SIM contacts they are all out of order and its driving me NUTS. Anyone know of a way to reset them so they are in ABC order again?
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    I'm certainly no expert on this stuff, but I have a hunch the programs you want to delete are part of the ROM. Except for HotSync (which I use daily) I hate 'em all, too.

    The best you can do is to find a program that hides them. That's what I did. I can't remember the name of the one I'm using, but it's freeware and located in the software library here. When you run it, it loads into your Preferences screen, then you just select the apps you want to be visible and which you want to be invisible.

    Can't help you with the SIM contacts thing.
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    Most 3rd party launches allow you do hide various applications. You can also create a folder and move those you do not want to see to that folder.

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