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    Can any of you guys or gals tell me whether you like the word think on Documents to Go or WordSmith better. If you do pick one, could you tell me why? I have used wordsmith for a good while now, but i also obtained documents to go, and in an effort to save memory, i would like to choose one. Thanks!
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    I have used both Documents To Go and WordSmith. I personally like DocsToGo because it can also import excel spreadsheet and powerpoint.
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    If all you need is word processing, I'd go with WordSmith. I much prefer it over Docs to Go, and the support is incredible.

    If you need spreadsheet and powerpoint functionality, it's a rather moot point (although I'd rather go with a Pilot MiniCalc and WordSmith combination).
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    Word Smith or Documents To Go? ... That is the question.
    Seriously though, it is a good question. I was faced with the same question about 2 months ago. WordSmith is the more powerful of the 2 apps and has more word processing features. (I still haven't figured out how to use bullets in Word to But WordSmith is also a huge program. We are talking 450kb in size or more. Just the "word" portion of Docs 2 Go is half that size or less.
    Ultimately I chose Documents to go So I can sync with excel too. Having WordSmith and TinySheets on my Visor was a little over Kill on the memory. I'm not telling you which app to use, just giving you some info to think about so you can make the best informed decision on your own needs.
    If you only need word processing and storage space is not a consideration..then by all means, go with Wordsmith.
    But if space on your visor is precious (as it is on mine) and you need to sync with excel and/or powerpoint then my choice would be Docs 2 Go.
    I hope I have helped you out in some way or another.
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    Thanks everyone, your opinons are most appreciated. I'll probably end up sticking with WordSmith until i need excel or powerpoint.
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    I am With ****....(i have always wanted to say that)

    If ya just need to write stuff go with WordSmith.

    **** if ya need a all in one business type of thingy go with Docs To Go Profesional. Plus i Think you get thier mail program and a PDF reader.

    Docs to go and wordsmith are perfect for easy use, (well for dummies).
    if ya got some smarts youcan use i combo of: Wordsmith, Adobe Acrobat for palm os, Tinysheet.

    Well good luck and remember hat docs to go takes up less memory.
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