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    So, when I got my Pre, I deleted the contents of my 750 before giving it to a friend. Well, I lost a lot of numbers I thought I had.

    So, I still have the Palm Backup data on my laptop. I just don't know where to look for the list of contacts. Any ideas?

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    Do you sync with Outlook? Your contacts should be there. Are your sure you are talking about Palm OS or Windows OS? 750 is a windows OS device.
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    You should also look at the palm desktop that should be still installed for these contacts.
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    755p, Sorry. I don't have the palm desktop software anymore, just random backup files.
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    That's all you need. You can re-install the Palm Desktop and export.
    MAKE SURE YOU MAKE A COPY OF THE BACKUP FILES AND FOLDERS FIRST and keep in a safe place. The re-install should not squash those files but you never know.
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    Why don't you try to find the contacts DB file? You could read it on a old Palm OS 5 PDA.

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