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    I've noticed a couple times this week my centro has its keyguard stuck on when in the middle of refreshing with 4cast. Is anyone else having this problem? the only way to make the screen go back off is to manualy unlock it, let it connect, then push the power button.
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    Known bug. MetaView has said he's working on a way to fix it, but I don't know how diligently. You can find more info here, as he personally posts there.
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    Thanks for your help!
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    This is also a problem with Kmeteo. My workaround that has worked thus far is to have the automatic update kick off after something else has already started the web connection. So versamail updates around 7am, I have Kmeteo update 15 min later or so while the internet connection is still active. It appears at least with Kmeteo that Nexave only give a problem if Kmeteo has to initiate the web connection first. I don't know why Nexave allows Versamail to start the connection without a problem
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    Interesting. Thanks for the info!

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