Hi guys,

We are proud to announce that we've already released the bigger, better, badder SMS Machine version. There are a lot of improvements and some major bug fixes on this beta version.

SMS Machine 1.99 Beta - July 22, 2009

Important Note:

1. Please delete all existing auto-answer rules and SMS Machine logs before using this version to avoid the 'Generic database error'.

2. Please follow the proper updating procedure indicated in the user manual. Deactivate old, install new, Activate new, RESET.

Some of the Changes:

1. NEW: Added [Not in contacts] wildcard filter support:

a. Can now accept multiple [Not in Contacts] rules with different wildcard entries.


b. Can ONLY accept blank and wildcarded (* and ?) 'Matching' field support. Full phone number and * (ALL) filters are still handled by Phone Number Type in the Who tab.

http://suntzu-software.com/img/produ...1.99B/1b.1.jpg http://suntzu-software.com/img/produ...1.99B/1b.2.jpg

2. NEW: Normal SMS rule is now the greatest equalizer among the rules. If set to a contact or group of contacts, SMS and calls will be handled normally and no other SMS rules next after will be evaluated. And if there is a need for an Auto-Reply with SMS for missed call, create the rule and place it after the contact's Normal rule.


3. NEW: Added export SMS Machine Log to text file and CSV (tabulated records readable by Microsoft Excel or Open Office on your desktop computer).


4. NEW: Added name/description field in the SMS rules. This is the ability to add description or name to a specific auto-answer rule which makes it easier to know what the rule is for.


5. NEW: Added rule count on Auto-Answer rule label.


6. NEW: Undo menu for all text fields. This function Undo the last change made to the text field, if any. Changes include typing, backspaces, delete, paste, and cut.


7. NEW: New record will be added as the first item on the auto-answer rule list.

8. NEW: Added 'Delete All' rule menu. This will delete all auto-answer rules.


9. NEW: Added 'Duplicate' rule menu. This will create an exact copy of an existing rule.


10. IMPROVED: SMS Machine Log.

a. Shows the name (caller id) of the caller or sender.
b. Shows the sender or caller's number.
c. Shows the rule that filtered the incoming calls.
d. More organized and more informative.


11. IMPROVED: SMS Machine wildcard and filter algorithm, the heart and soul of the program.

12. IMPROVED: Attention Manager (the blinking yellow bell or asterisk on the screen's top left corner) handling. Clicking an item from several SMS Machine items in the Attention Manager will clear out other entries.

13. FIXED: The dreaded 'Error 5: Invalid parameter' error during a call or SMS receipt for some auto-answer rules and on some devices.


14. FIXED: (Failed) SMS reply on some devices. (e.g. Treo 700p, 755P, and Centro).

Thank you very much to the people who worked with me and made this special version possible:

Mike F. Synowiec
Peninsula Urology Associates, P.A., Salisbury, MD

Stacy Ziegler
Polished 2 Perfection

Jimi Hodge
Kasta, James and Associates

Vince aka Furball

And to John Doe, Jane Doe, Tom, **** or Harry (you know who you are guys).

Download it from here:

Suntzu Software