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    Am I the only one having problems browsing the web? When I go to a site it appears to be displayed correctly. Then a few seconds later the display changes and the text is displayed up and down in a single column of text.
    I've tried both modes of display. I thought that wide mode would be best for me. But I can't seem to scroll around the page. I'm using blazer 4.5 with palm of 5.4.9

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    I have the same issue, on wikipedia for example along with a lot of other sites. If I let the page load all the way, it changes to one column of text with only a few letters on each line (unreadable). Lately I have been reloading the pages and pressing the stop button before it renders the whole page and changes into its single column. That works for me. Let me know if you find a more elegant workaround?
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    Wikipedia is the only site I've found that does this; but this solution should work for all sites:

    Stay in Optimized mode & then switch from 'Normal Mode' to 'Fast Mode.' It should display just text and images (make sure you have Menu>E>General>Dont download images! un-checked) that way and fill the screen.

    Also, I feel it's worth mentioning The mobile version of wiki.

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