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    Just received a letter from Palm/AT&T stating that I need to visit for a s/w update to work with a network change AT&T is making on Sep 15th, 2009. The page has a download link for 2.11-ATT, which was released December 11, 2007. They say it's needed to "provide optimal call performance" after their Sep 15th network update. My 680 still works great and I'd hate an upgrade to hose anything (I'm still on 1.09-ATT... don't use PTT, etc.). The page also notes "This software will not work on Unlocked GSM devices.", which mine is. Anyone know if this firmware update is really needed? Thx.

    Edit: I called Palm and AT&T, and their CS was useless, each said to call the other...
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    If it's not for unlocked GSM phones, and that's what you have, I wouldn't do it. It probably just for the 680's that ATT sold.

    That's my best guess.
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    Thx. My 680 was originally purchased through AT&T, just subsequently unlocked for intl. travel...
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    I just got this letter as well. From what I can figure, they are pushing hard for those of us who didn't update to the 2.11 AT&T update to do so.

    Probably just to sell us the push to talk feature.

    There are a couple of things in this update that sound good, but my phone is fine and I see no reason to change it. Unless there really is something changing with the network that makes this update necessary.

    But I can find no info that suggests this is the case.

    They start by saying "update software to maintain call performance" but then hit you with "in order to get the most out of the AT&T network".

    So which is it?? Call performance or new features I have no need for??

    Not to mention that this is a discontinued phone on the network. Could be just a scare tactic to get those of us hanging on the the 680 to get a new phone.

    I've had mine for 3 and half years now. I'm thinking about the iPhone, but I'm also thinking about buying a "new" 680 from Ebay. I still really like this phone.... FWIW.
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    I've had v2.11 since I bought my 680 from AT&T a year-and-a-half ago and I've never had problems with it. This must be why I never received the letter.
    Time is money, and life is change.
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    I'm sure that the update is fine. I just don't want it.

    I'm under the impression that I'll lose the ability to map the side button to a feature I like so they can try and sell me Push to talk that I don't want!! Pretty much the only reason I didn't do this update when it came out.

    I find it curious that they are trying to get us to do it now after all this time.
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    I'm also curious about this upgrade. I did the last one that came up (was that the 2.11?) last year which added the PTT to my phone. I don't use it of course, but it's there. I can still map the side button to do other things though.

    I suppose I can just wait until September and if my phone stops working do the update. lol That and I'm month to month at this point so I may end up resigning and getting a new phone..... we'll see.
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    This is just a push to get those of us who didn't upgrade to 2.11 to do so.

    So you should be in the clear as I read this letter icspots.

    Good to know that I could still map that button. When 2.11 first came out it sounded like they were taking over that button and we would no longer be able to map it for our use. I may just go ahead and do this now. I've got nothing to fear. (but fear itself?) :lol:
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    I've actually got the side button mapped to 2 features -- press and let go and KeyLights lights up or turns off the keyboard light. Press and hold for a second or two and it kicks into the camera.
    Time is money, and life is change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GerryL View Post
    I've actually got the side button mapped to 2 features -- press and let go and KeyLights lights up or turns off the keyboard light. Press and hold for a second or two and it kicks into the camera.
    lol. Mine are mapped the same way.
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    I got a text from AT&T the other day on this. They really seem to want me to upgrade my phone! LOL

    Now that I know I can without losing anything. I don't want to do it because they are being so pushy about it!
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    Got the ambiguous letter to. I updated to v2.11 a year ago. I regret it too. Other than the improed BT functionality, this thing has caused my previously snappy 680 to turn into a lag monster. When I get the time, I'm going to go the custom ROM route and purge all the ATT / Palm crap that I don't wan't / use and get my NVFS memory back that ATT stole for there marketing purposes. Maybe that will buy time to get me to the GSM Pre or Eos.
    Patrick Horne
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    I got the same letter and subsequently talked to the people at both Palm and A T & T. If you have already got the 2.11 update installed there is no need to do anything.
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    I am an AT&T customer. I had to replace my 680, so I bought an unlock version. It is running a custom ROM with 1.12-ROW. Firmware is R01.92. Carrier DB is 549.

    I doubt that I would be changing my code.

    I am waiting for a GSM-based Pre with a few more 3rd party apps.
    Pilot 5K->Palm IIIc->Tungsten T/T2->Treo 650/680 -> Pre+ (1.4.5 & Uberkernel)
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    I have an unlocked 680 and am an AT&T guy at this point. From what I gather here, there is really no reason for me to update my ROM (PLEASE tell me if I am wrong). I have the 1.04 ROW still running.

    I am sure making some kind of upgrade might be useful....but like the previous post....I too am waiting for the GSM Pre and just hoping my 680 holds out that long.

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    I'm only going to upgrade if it becomes true that this one won't work on the network after the deadline.

    Does anybody really think they can kill this phone on Sept whatever the date was without the upgrade??
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    I said screw it last night and upgraded! Figure if it messes up the phone I can justify a new iPhone!! LOL

    So far, so good. Seems a bit faster on the internet. Must just be a better signal today...
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    I have NOT updated. I have Firmware R01.34 and Software 1.09-ATT.
    (Supposedly should have updated) My phone still functions normally, but I do seem to lose service for a minute or two randomly, where it didn't before.
    Anyone else have experience?
    Also, if you update, can you still tether with USBModem?
    Anyone have issues AFTER updating?
    (considering doing the update to hopefully keep it working well) I have had it since April 2007. I keep it in a silicone sleeve inside a snack-size Ziploc bag. This is how I've kept it so long (dust, moisture-I work outside in the dirt daily), and want to keep it quite a while. I simply have found nothing that compares. Even tried the IPhone for a month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akline425 View Post
    Also, if you update, can you still tether with USBModem?
    Anyone have issues AFTER updating?
    I updated mine and have had zero issues, although I know others have. PDAnet (the tethering program) works just fine.
    Time is money, and life is change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akline425 View Post
    Anyone have issues AFTER updating?
    I had problems. And i know half a dozen people that did, too. None in the U.S. i must say. (Several places in south america and Australia)

    1.12 and 2.11 rom came with one of the worst GSM firmware seen in history. The phone would lose signal in places where even the cheapest phone reported full reception, and then become unresponsive untill battery was taken out.

    The only solution was to use one of the custom 1.04 ROM found here in Treocentral.
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