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    Well, now my phone is out of service almost all th time. This has been steadily getting worse the last few days. They must have seen I was using USB Modem some! LOL
    Is this pointing to a need to upgrade ROM?
    Also, what is the Carrier DB?
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    Quote Originally Posted by akline425 View Post
    I have NOT updated. I have Firmware R01.34 and Software 1.09-ATT.
    (Supposedly should have updated) My phone still functions normally, but I do seem to lose service for a minute or two randomly, where it didn't before.
    Anyone else have experience?
    YES!!! I've had the exact same experience you descibe above. I am running the same firmware versions (cept mine is from the custom rom thread, e.g. stripped of all the crap to increase nvfs space). In an attempt to fix it, I went to AT&T store and asked for a new SIM card cuz I suspected perhaps it was flaking out. Doing this did not help at all.

    This sparadic signal disappearance is very annoying, but not certain annoying enough update to the 2.x firmware that it seems like people did not like at all. Perhaps I'll try updating to a ATT 2.x stripped custom ROM... assuming there is one available, I haven't read the massive custom rom thread here in a long time.
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    Apparently my phone is dying, because ROM update didn't fix it.
    Now almost never gets service.

    UPDATE: got a new Blackberry Bold 9000 November 1.

    November 5: realized it doesn't do anything the Palm didn't.
    November 20: recieved Treo 680 purchased on Ebay. Installed Opera Mini (crashes sometimes, resets the phone every once in a while, but will pull up some websites Blazer won't)
    November 25: returned Blackberry - WILL I NEVER LEARN? (tried iPhone last year-took it back)
    Now to see what Palm comes out with on ATT
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    SOLVED! Found a solution that works. I have a custom 1.09 rom and found my att signal kept disappearing three or four times per week, causing my 680 to hang. Solution was to upgrade the firmware to 1.92. Google for "hybrid 680 rom" and follow the first hit. This will tell you how to upgrade the firmware (and get the radio boost/changes) but still keep your older tried and true 1.09 rom. I haven't had a single signal drop since doing this 4+ weeks ago. Bliss.
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