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    When I do a hotsync after a hotsync that included AvantGo, the file, AvGoDocsMQ is backed up during the hotsync! This file is huge (611,956 today!).

    This shouldn't be backed up at all, since it get overwritten every time I sync with AvantGo.

    I'm sure that this has to do with my use of BackUpAll, but I was under the impression that BackUpAll set the backup bits for the next hotsync. Shouldn't it return to normal after a hotsync?

    After running BackUpAll and then hotsyncing, am I supposed to do something to return to "normal?"
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    BackupAll by Mattias Jordan sets the backup bit on certain databases on a PalmOS device, either all or only those that have changed since the last hotsync. The statement in makes in the introduction, "BackupAll changes the backup-bit of certain databases to 1 so that it gets backed up at the next HotSync" is slightly misleading. They do get backed up at the next HotSync, but also all hotsyncs there after in which the database has changed. But, alas, BackupAll does not give you anyway to undo the setting of these backup-bits. To correct the situation that BackupAll has left you with, I would suggest using some other program, like Filez, to turn off the backup-bits for those files you do not want backed up.
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    Worked. Thanks.

    Too bad BackUpAll doesn't have a way to revert settings. It's kinda hard to tell, file by file, what you might want backed up or not.

    Thanks again,

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    BackupBuddy has an option to specifically ignore the AvantGo databases. It also provides a great level of peace of mind.
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