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    I just noticed on the healthetech web site - (makers of dietlog and weightlog) they are releasing a new program- BalanceLog. It looks like it is an enhanced version of dietlog/exerlog/weightlog. It has palm software and windows software but you have to buy each. But registered dietlog users get a reduced price. I use my dietlog bundle religiously, but my complaints about it are: 1. No windows conduit to generate, view and print reports, 2. No easy way to download new foods from web sites, 3. No beaming support. 4. They had stopped supporting exerlog.

    This new program seems to answer all my complaints except one- still no beaming support. It does look interesting... I'm not ready to sink more $ into it yet, but I will be interested in people's impressions of this new product. It looks like it is still on pre-order.

    Marcy Fields
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    I never really liked the way diet log worked. Have you tried this software yet?
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    No I haven't tried it yet- It's not on the download page yet- looks like it is on pre-order. I'm not going to jump right on it- for the money to upgrade to it with the windows piece I could almost invest in a whole new fitness program. So, I think I'll wait and see how the reviews look when it is out. It really only fixes one of my complaints about dietlog- it now has a conduit for the PC.
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    Diet log has a pc conduit. You install diet log pc lite. (dlpclite.exe).
    Can't remember if I bought it or if it came with a diet log bundle. Never really used it. Like my diet, but thats another story.
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    I have the dietlog bundle, Version 1.81. There is a newer version (1.83) but I didn't upgrade cause I didn't want to lose exerlog- they don't support it anymore. What version do you have with dietlog PC lite? I never saw anything about it- just checked the download page and it's not listed separately....
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    I have diet log 1.83, Exerlog 1.62 and weightlog 1.12. I don't see how you would loose exerlog if you upgraded to dietlog 1.83. They are separate install programs. They may have removed dietlog pc lite. Itís basically the same program as the program on the PDA. You could enter information on both and it would keep them synced. I think that's what you were looking for? If it's no longer available, I could send it to you. It's 6+ meg.
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    I did install the 1.83 version, and you were right- it didn't do anything to my exerlog. But I didn't see any PC version anywhere! They must have discontinued it. If you have it and can send a copy to me, that would be great!!!

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