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    Guys I'm out on a limb here,
    but I'm really looking for the best office suite available for my Visor. Now I know there are a lot of Wordsmith fans and Documents to go fans out there but I'm really wondering what to buy...

    Possible candidates:
    IAMBIC Office (TinySheet, FastWriter and Iambic Mail)
    Documents to Go
    Handango Office suite (Tinysheet, Wordsmith, etc)

    Now for my mail I already use Multimail so that is not really an option, but there are some (price related) benefits to buy a suite versus all the single apps....

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    QuickOffice, HanDBase, and MultiMail which includes all the plugins and conversion programs like QuickData and email attachment viewers.
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    I can't comment much on the spreadsheet options(I use minicalc, which is fine), but if you do much word processing, Wordsmith is definitely the way to go. I tried quick office, but I found that losing formatting when importing or exporting files was too frustrating. With Wordsmith, I can actually take materials I am working on with me, modify them on the road, and its done! No reformatting!

    For spreadsheets, if you receive a lot of excel attachments, quickoffice may be an advantage because files can be automatically converted by the plug-in. I have not found any free plug-in to use with multimail for excel files, although csv is not a problem. Attaching files to send out doesn't seem to be a problem with Minicalc, so I assume other programs also work fine if they use csv formatting.
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    I am a diehard WordSmith fan, also I like Quicksheet.
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    Consider me also a diehard fan of both Wordsmith and Quicksheet. Two of the best programs for a Visor. Using those two my Prism now operates pretty much as a small laptop.
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    Yeah, I use WordSmith and QuickSheet. I bought the latter for my Prism, and later on it came free with my HandEra. I really need to upgrade to a newer version of QuickOffice, though.

    I may stop using WordSmith eventually. QuickWord will support a font system similar to FineType (converted computer fonts that can use individual color dots to antialias and simulate higher resolution) and VFS support. I'm currently considering TealPlayer for my e-books, but it refreshes pagedowns too slowly and, well, costs money. QuickWord needs just a little more tweaking for me to be happy with it.

    QuickSheet is almost perfect. Quickchart could be a little better (for example, how do you make a chart based on two nonadjacent columns??), but it is nice for now.

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    I have tried Quickoffice, Docs To Go, and Wordsmith.

    Wordsmith: is the best for doc editing. Plus the best ting its cheap and you get alot for you money.

    Docs to go: In my opinion is the easiest to use. It is made for dummies to use. The PowerPoint needs a little more work. And the price is scary at $69.99

    Quickoffice: Is slowly adding new features and is getting better. Plus its cheaper.

    I dont Know to much on which has VFS support. I am going to stick with Docs to go, cause i am a dummie. I also am hoping on improvement on the PowerPoint.

    I wish you good luck
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    Quicksheet is nice but is slow for anything more than a small spreadsheet... it takes quite a while to load or manipulate a roughly 200x20 sheet. Once they do the FineType-like thing with Quickword, I'm there (I have a Clie too).

    In the meantime, WordSmith seems to be the best editor I've seen. DocsToGo doesn't seem to offer much in the way of editing; I couldn't find a way to sort the spreadsheet, and WordToGo editing is more limited than WS/QW. Seeing PPT slides is nice, but you can't edit them anyway, so I figure I'll convert my PPT stuff to PDF and get a PDF viewer (hope that'll work out).

    Note: I never read any of the documentation. There may be ways to do or improve the things I mentioned. But I figure if it's so hard to do that I need to read the documentation, I would probably forget how to do it again in a week. (Yes I am one of the reasons why user support is so difficult. :P)
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    Originally posted by gmkey
    ....Now for my mail I already use Multimail...
    As you already use Multimail, I say go with QuickOffice so that you get the integration. As mgflorrez said, you could also get HanDBase if you want a database that integrates too.
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    I've used all of them...Quick Office, Docs 2 Go Professional, Wordsmith, and tiny sheets, and few others that are not even worth mentioning. I had stuck with quick office for a very long time and loved it. One day for I decided to go ahead a try to use Documents to Go. I actually had a free copy, that came with my unit, but never used it. Ever since then I have been a Documents to Go lover. I like having one suite to access all my apps in. I have actually created my resumes on my visor and then transferred them to my laptop, and even do all my exce work on my visor. Word Smith is GREAT..... if the apps size is not a factor for you. WordSmith by itself is almost half a meg. (450KB) That's rather large in my book. Tiny sheets is a wonderful app also and it's not to big. Just knocking at 200kb. I just installed Docs 2 Go last month and I know for a fact...THAT I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO QUICK OFFICE. I can honestly say that Word and Sheets to go, do a lot better job then quick office. THAT'S A FACT. I use to loose some of my formatting for word in quick office and quick sheets just acted a little quirky. If space is not a factor to you then Go with Wordsmith and Tiny sheets.
    But if space does matter and you want to be able to access your word and excel files w/ one app then you to should use docs to go.
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    I just put Docs to Go on my m500 and I gotta hand it to DataViz. I'm quite impressed. Very easy mac compatibility - and it's free (after rebate) for new visor users. Take advantage of the offer if you can.
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    This is an ongoing discussion, as new software updates are released. We all know that, wrt functionality and features, most of the office packages will eventually essentially converge. However, there are some fundamental differences I've found.

    DTG and QOffice "import" doc files, making their own copies. WS does not, using far less memory for editing and reading doc files of any size. WS maintains and edits MS Word styles (outline Levels 1-9), which I use extensively.

    WS manages docs and memos quite nicely. DTG has no memo function, QO needs to import and export memos. Therefore, I use WS as my memo editor, doc reader, and Word processor.

    I haven't found a charting feature in DTG, which I prefer. Of course, DTG does PowerPoint docs. Also, DTG doesn't import RTF files!! WS imports RTF via drag & drop onto its desktop program.

    In making my purchase decision, I find WS indispensible for the functions mentioned. DTG was too expensive ($70 + addons), and I don't like the document import requirement. I received a 1/2 price offer ($20) for QuickOffice which I jumped at.

    Finally, Iambic Office seems the best deal ($40) with all the functionality. However, I found it too buggy, and so slow on docs of any size it's not useable. Iambic support was responsive, indicating that they "are aware of the problem". Very nice interface (one window for all file types, viewable by type). Look for a great deal once it's stable and faster.


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