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    Heard a rumor that Bejeweled version 1.3 is out and available at

    not yet updated on Handango or PalmGear.
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    Grabbed it from astraware, haven't started playing with it yet.

    It installs on the PDA as Bejewelled! instead of Bejewelled (sans !) like v1.2 did. So you end up with two versions of the game on your PDA.

    The Tweak Settings and Palette Settings menus seem to have been hidden away with the new version.

    Looks like scoring might have been tweaked a little bit, but otherwise I don't see anything markedly different in this new version.

    According to the html file with the new version:
    Recent update headlines: Corrected High Score export, single file for colour and greyscale New graphical features, major improvement to timed games, higher scoring system, realtime clock / battery display.
    Still as addicting as ever
    Version: 3.12
    GS d-(+) s: a C++ UX++++V++S++ P+>+++ L>+++ E+>++ W++ N++(+++) o? K? w !O !M V-- PS PE Y+ PGP++ t++ 5++ X++ R+ tv++ b++(+++) DI++++ D+ G++ e+++>++++ h--- r+++ y?
    -----END GEEK CODE BLOCK-----
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    the best part of the new version is that it runs much faster (not game play, but there isn't any slow down with lots of gems moving).

    There are other little features too, but that is the one I love most.


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