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    A few years ago I had a Treo 180 and was very happy with it for about a year. Then I moved on. Just recently I saw a Treo 600 on eBay for a good price and figured 'why not'. Turns out that the last save was on my old desktop and I was able to get back all my data from 2003 and reinstall all my old applications.

    I only need to recall two things to get back in the swing of things. On the phone 'Favorites' screen, I remember that I could display the date and time on the first two buttons. There were special codes you'd enter instead of a phone number but I've forgotten them. Could someone remind me what they were?

    In preferences|shortcuts you can set up keyboard macros to save keystrokes when typing (date-time stamp, standard text phrases, etc). I've forgotten how to enter them in a memo. I've looked into the manual but I can't find any instructions. Some keyboard combination as I remember. (BTW, I don't remember a 'menu' key on the Treo 180. Wasn't it named something else?). Can someone remind how to enter a date-time stamp into a memo?

    Thanking you in advance.
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    I still have my T600. I think it is /menu[date]. I will confirm it back to you later.
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    Darn, I too forgot how to do it. I have my Treo 600 in front of me and can see the shortcut under preference but no idea.

    Anyway, a quick search here shows the thread here:

    The date and time shortcut is:
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    Thanks for jogging my memory on the keyboard macros. Now if someone remembers how to put date and time on the phone favorites button.

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