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    Okay, several questions.

    Reccomended app for controlling CPU Freq...ala overclocking or underclocking...?

    My idea is that there's a lot of time I'm not using processor intensive apps and that I could underclock my VPL and thereby extend my battery life. I could then up the clock speed when I needed it.

    Ideally, a nifty concept might be an app that you can assign clock speeds to various apps and have it change on the fly. Sort of speedstep/powerstep tech for a Visor. Hmmm...

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    Afterburner appears to do everything you're asking for, right down to individual app speeds.

    BTW, I went to and searched on "underclock" to find this.
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    Yep, many people do exactly what you've proposed with Afterburner. it's well worth the reg fee, and it makes a NOTICABLE difference in speed (and therefore usability!)

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