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    I want a really basic feature - I don't need a full contact manager program - I am not in sales - but I want to keep my network live

    Does anyone offer this simple functionality???

    I want the ability to user define a regular period after which a to-do item is created reminding to contact that contact - for example - I want to call you no less frequently than every four months.

    Assume I move to my address book or contact list and select a name to retrivee a phone number.

    I want one button I can simply tap on screen that records a contact made on that calendar date. That tap records contact and resets the user-defined contact period clock.

    If I go, in this example, four months without contacting you, I want a to-do reminder established to prompt to make contact.

    I don't want or need to record details of calls - I don't want or need to know how or where contact was made - I don't need to track sales activity -

    And I want this on a palm-type system.

    Does any program do this??
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    If you are thinking of getting an eyemodule camera, here's a neat little contact program called EyeContact:

    I've used it to put name-to-face and it works great!


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    Try ActionNames
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    Try Datebk4.

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