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    We are outfitting 8 Physical Therapists with rebuilt Visors for use as they make their rounds in a local school system, etc.

    I am recommending Documents to Go, since it is free with the purchase, DiddleBug for quickie notes and sketches, etc.

    Question: what medical-related software should we look at to keep records with? I do not know for sure exactly what sort of software they need- I just need to put together some ideas to start with for evaluation.

    We might, instead, make our own database for the information. I use HandMark's MobileDB on my Palm, but I am not a heavy DB user. Is there one that would work especially well for us?

    Thanks for your thoughts!
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    While not exactly what you asked for, here's a first aid database.
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    Fortsoft has a patient-tracking program called 4T Medical that I use for my own personal medical history.

    ePocrates is always good. They have a drug database and infectious disease database that are updated everytime you HotSync.

    Handheld Med has several different programs and books, plus an AvantGo channel, if I remember correctly.

    You could also try going to Tucows or Palm Gear and search for "medical".
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