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    Woke up this morning and set my clocks back to Eastern Standard Time. I was shocked to see my new Visor Pro didn't automatically set the system time to standard time. The City Time app knew it was Standard Time but that doesn't seem to affect the Preferences for the OS. Am I missing something here?
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    Originally posted by jdpuglisi
    Am I missing something here?
    No, you gained an hour
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    I believe that PalmOS 4.x now has provisions for DST... prior versions do not. There are several 3rd party apps that automate the task (though I seem to have to always reset it manually).
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    Or you could do like I did, using Daylight Savings Hack AND Clock Fix my PDA fell back 2 hours all by itself.
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    I got DateTime + (look for it on PalmGear) the other day and it ran just fine this morning. Set my clock back an hour. But as others have pointed out, Visors, out of the box, don't change in response to DST. Though CityTime knows your time zone, the OS does not. CityTime is just a third-party app that Handspring through in with the Visor and does not change the OS in anyway.

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    It's my opinion that it's a lot of trouble to have a software on my Visor just to be used twice a year!

    Anyway, I have BackupBuddy , and the option to set the time to my desktop.

    Since my computer has a time client running from time to time, and windows provide the change from non-DST to DST (yep, southern hemisphere here!), the time was updated on my Visor on the first hotsync after this.

    As a (good) side effect, BackupBuddy keeps my Visor's contents backed up

    CityTime is really good for when I'm travelling! Great software.

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