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    I am trying to install Vindigo. But, on my computer is stalls during the installation every time. I did everything suggested on the site and no dice. I tried it on a system running Windows98 and it started to load fine (I stopped it because I can't sync to that system). So, I'm thinking it must be WindowsME. Has anyone had experience with this or how to solve it?

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    well i am kind of in hurry i am on my out.

    **** try this

    1. REBOOT

    2. now dont do anythng else on your computer while your downloading and instaling

    3. that should work!

    i have "windows me" and i hate the new vindigo version. it sucks with avantgo. so instaled the old version. that i still had on my pc.

    but good luck and if it doesnt work i know somebody wil know.
    Hey baby before we start do you mind if we use my M505?
    No not for that!!!!!!!!!!
    Use it to reffer to PalmaSutra, silly???????
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    I even tried closing everything but the operating system and doing it. Still nothing. Maybe I need to find someone who has the old version. Thanks anyway!

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