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    ok well i was at the lake ang my phone was in my pocket and the batterie is the only thing that really got wet. I have looked up soulutions and tried them and faieled. I was wondering if anyone had a soulution for me to try
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    Did you try the ziplock baggie & rice trick?
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    Did you try a new or different battery?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fstopstigmata View Post
    Did you try the ziplock baggie & rice trick?
    How do you do this?
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    yes i have tried the rice trick. it did not work. When ever i turn it on it goes to the palm screen and is loading then goes to another palm screen. I know that is what is supposed to happen but it doesn't do anything besides that. the battery side is still red but right now i am doubting it is the battery but if anybody thinks of something to help me i will try it. thanks
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    ya the ziplock and rice trick is that you get a bag fill it with rice and put your phone and battery in there seperate for at least three days

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