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    I just can't figure out how to make the gmovie 2.0 player in my visor play sound. I have install some movies from sites like Sony that are announced to have sound but still nothing. Anybody can give me a clue on the setting or anything? By the way I'm using a SM MemPlug. The movies are stored in the Programs/Gmedia directory. Everything works fine except the sound.

    If anybody claims to has a movie with sound in gmovie 2.0 format please e-mail it to me, so I can test it.

    Please help

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    Yeah I just tried one out from the Sony site. I tested it out on Sheena.

    It has sound but the quality is pretty bad. On the gmovie player there's a bar in the lower right part of the screen you can use to adjust the volume. Move the slider all the way to the left and the volume is muted (indicated by the clear speaker symbol). Touching the speaker will togle the sound on and off.

    BTW, I have a memplug CF module. I have the movie stored in the same location as you.

    Hope that helps.

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