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    I've had my 755p since they first came out. I had a new 750p with insurance and ended out with a new 755p a few months later due to tech error :-0 I was brand new to smart phones and didn't know what was going on. I just took what they gave me both times :-)

    I'm so happy that I'm not dealing with any incompatibility or speed issues yet with a 2 year old computer. I figure this is due to palm wanting to keep hold of all palm os customers till the pre came out.

    Is my phone going to suddenly become obsolete now that the pre is out or are palm and sprint still committed to keeping the 755ps up and running? I just ordered a dock with speakers for $40.00 that was almost $200.00 when it first came out. It looks like they are being unloaded, fast.

    I really love my phone and just want it to keep working as is. It does what I need it to. I have expensive ear buds and software and who knows what else that I have put on over the years and forgotten. I haven't done a hard reset in like a year and a half and never even updated when the update came out. I no longer remember how I tweaked this thing. I just remember I was on here 24/7 for months getting it just right. And just worked :-)

    I just feel so lucky that the Sprint floor people gave me such a great phone when I walked in there so gullible and stupid and wowed by everything I had no idea was available. I fearing maybe my happy bubble might be coming to a quick end :-( It's been a little too good to be true. Especially PdaNet.
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    To answer the title question. When it no longer satisfies your needs, and it sounds like it does that okay at the moment. (Of course, Pre envy might get you in a couple of months when it matures a bit)
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    What is "obsolete"? As in, the hardware failed and there's no replacement to be had? As in, it does its communication through some server that's been permanently shut down? As in, it uses a protocol that has been obsoleted by something that's not backwards compatible? As in, it operates on analog frequencies that have been shut off by the carrier? Or, obsolete as in "I can't shake my phone and make it roll dice like the iPhone can"?

    CDMA, SMS, TCP/IP, POP3, IMAP will be working for the foreseeable future. Everything your 755p does now, it will be able to do for quite a while. At some point, the hardware on your 755p will break and there might not be spare parts available, or it might be very expensive to fix it, and then it might be considered obsolete. Until then, or until somebody comes up with a new feature you can't live without, your 755p isn't obsolete. It just might not be as kool as everybody else's gadgets.

    Of course, I had a Palm IIIx for about 8 years and didn't think it was obsolete until it finally died, and buying a 755p was easier than fixing or replacing the IIIx.
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    The 755p is a good phone. Like johncc said, "...When it no longer satisfies your needs..."
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    I will fifth that. I left Palm because of my desire for multitasking. The device I was using had not a stability care in the world and did exactly what I needed and more - just no multitasking.
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    It's like every else has said; it depends on your wants and needs. My 755p covers so very many of my bases that I didn't feel the need to dive, head-first, eyes closed into the Pre (not to say that's what everyone else did).

    But I realize that Palm established most of those "bases"... and now the Pre has established new ones.

    I'm quickly getting to the point where I'm annoyed as HELL by the lack of multitasking. Using Kinoma for hours at a time means that I'd BETTER have my watch on if I want to know what time it is. The Pre handles this without the need or a DA or even multi-tasking. But the multi-tasking need persists.

    THAT is making my 755p more dinosaur-ish, for ME, by the day. There are a few concerns I might need to take care of, first, but my 755p's days are numbered... as a primary phone, anyway.

    I'm still going to use it for games n whatnot. If only it had wifi, I'd be in heaven.
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    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    This is my first smart phone (well I did have the 700p for a couple months, but same thing). I'm just assuming as a mini computer, that it will soon have problems with sprint tv, web, google map etc.

    For awhile desktops needed to keep being replaced with faster models with new versions of windows and then a sweetspot opened up with XP and the limitations of most web delivery service speeds being slower than the computer speeds. Desktops and laptops now last longer. Not sure how long that will last though.

    I figured I landed in a similar sweetspot with the 755p. Neither Sprint nor palm had any desire to encourage me to upgrade. Upgrading a few months ago would have meant joining the windows and blackberry crowd as Palm didn't have a newer model out yet. My sprint contract is up and now I get to pay month by month without being locked in. Will they try to FORCE us to upgrade soon?

    Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about :-0 I just figure there is more incentive now to force us into upgrades in new phones and contracts. Do people with older versions of the Treos suffer compatibility problems? They are based off of the same Palm OS 5 though right, so it's not the same thing?

    Phones are different than PDAs right, because of online compatibility issues? Was the PalmIIIx a phone or PDA. I'll have to google that.

    I'm just trying to prepare for the future. My ex trashed my credit since I bought my last phone and even though my sprint credit is impeccable, I don't know if I'll get a reduced rate phone this time with a contract. A full price phone plus accessories can run into some serious money. Losing google map, downloadable library books, and pdanet would certainly force me into a quick upgrade, though. I've already lost Fox News and CNN, but everyone did :-( I really miss them!
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    Speaking of obsolete .... I probably would still be using my Treo 300 if the flip lid didn't break.

    I've been convincing myself I don't need all the functionality of the Pre and I-phone.... but those things are neat and the commercials are wearing on me pretty hard. It doesn’t help that every kid I come across has the latest and greatest gadget out there.

    The 755p is all that I need. The 755p is all that I need. The 755p is all that I need. The 755p is all that I need.
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    The 755p is my first smartphone too, and I love what it does for me. I was carrying both my Handspring Visor and my Motorola TalkAbout; the 755p fits better in my purse, tho' it gets lost sometimes in my briefcase.

    My wishlist includes a better browser for the 755p. I own a graphic design business, and won'r use Windoze, and I love the Palm OS. If I had to change, it would be to an iPhone.
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    I used 755p for the past 2 years as my primary phone. I've stuck to Palm devices since Palm III, and 755p is my 3rd Treo. There are a lot of applications on my Treo that I will surely miss, especially the medical ones that thus far have not been replicated in other OS (that is why it still will be used, without its phone functions). The absence of a decent browser (Opera is too unstable), slow browsing speeds (Rev 0), no wifi, more frequent crashes, slow response, obsolete interface - too many devices have passed it by. A few months ago I jailbroke a 1st gen iPhone that I use for business on T-mo, which covers my wifi needs and can do limited multitasking via backgrounder app. Since having the iPhone, I noticed that I only used Treo for the few essential apps, phone and occasional EVDO - but infinitely preferred the iPhone's interface, browsing, wifi, apps, modding etc. I decided to replace the Treo with a Blackberry Tour, a much more stable device with Rev A (no Pre due to wanting to keep SERO + Pre's hardware/software issues not fully resolved).
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    Isn't it already?
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    If the 755P is a dinosaur, then my 650 is primordial ooze. Still gets the job done though.
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    I, er, upgraded to the Pre, returned it after 4 days and am back to my 755P. The Pre didn't, and still does not support my corporate Exchange security settings, although that issue may be solved in the next firmware update. I liked the WebOS, the display and the smaller size of the Pre, but the phone itself just felt so fragile, the keyboard is too small, and the inability to sync with my laptop easily was a problem. I am happy with my 755 but will be interested to see if Palm releases any WebOS options to the Pre in the future.
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    The 755p was a dinosaur when it was introduced. That said, it still meets my requirements better than any other phone I've seen, including the iPhone and Pre. I'm heavily dependent on Datebk, and the calendar on those two phones don't come close. All the PIM apps on the Pre are weak.There's a ton of software for the Treo that let's me customize it to do all kinds of things the Pre can't, at least not yet. And I hate the WM user experience.

    As obsolete as the 755p is in some respects, it's still an amazing capable tool. If getting work done is more important than having a "cool" phone, there's much to be said for the 755.
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    I have been using the 755P and made the switch to the Pre. Needless to say I am back on on my 755P and the universe has been restored.

    I am hoping the good folks at Palm will merge the webos into a 755P or slimmer form cool would that be?

    my sprint rep said they are coming out with a new palm treo like model in september. has anyone heard about this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by greatdeals View Post
    I have been using the 755P and made the switch to the Pre. Needless to say I am back on on my 755P and the universe has been restored.

    I am hoping the good folks at Palm will merge the webos into a 755P or slimmer form cool would that be?

    my sprint rep said they are coming out with a new palm treo like model in september. has anyone heard about this?
    I switched when Best Buy had that "sale." So far I love it
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    I have my complaints about the 755, BUT it runs circles around the usefulness of the Pre for me. Too many reasons to list, but they include usable keyboard, expandable storage, FULL local sync, huge app catalog, 13 years of compatibility, etc. A change for change sake ain't no upgrade, folks.

    Palm really did a number on themselves by actively screwing the Treo line and stopping with the 755. Double or triple the memory chip, update the ROM apps (or just leave it clean and let US upgrade Google Maps and DTG) and they'd have sold tons of 'em and extended contracts another couple years. Instead, Palm offers NOTHING new for someone who wants a PalmOS phone with a readable screen. NOTHING.

    Upside: near mint 755s available on CL and Ebay for $50-75 (cheaper than insurance deductable). And, I'm out of contract and Sprint offers me no reason at all to change plans or churn into a new phone and contract. Genius.

    If the 755's a "dinosaur" then you can call me Fred Flintstone. Yabba dabba do!!
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    I love my 755p SO much...
    I told my DH I didn't want an iPhone.
    Signed, Louise the devoted Mac user
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    I think the 755p is great too... Maybe it is as *heavy* as a dinosaur, if nothing else. ;-p

    I personally don't care for the design of the Pre. I prefer the keyboard to be out, rather than having to flip it out. If I get around to upgrading, I may have to defect over to another brand.
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    Sharks were around years before dinosaurs, and still thrive.

    I think of the 755p, especially now, as more of a shark than a dinosaur. My reasons are:

    1. The advent of WebOS has all but killed development of Garnet applications, so all of the applications are fairly stable on the OS5 platform now.

    2. My Treo has never been as stable (fewest resets of any Palm device going back to my first, a III) since I have stopped installing new software on it.

    3. It does what it's supposed to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

    4. No moving parts except the keyboard/buttons. No slider screws to fall out (Tungstens through T3), no power button to fail (TX).

    5. With the sole exception of some limitations in Blazer, the unit pretty much does everything I want it to, and it could do even more if I fully implemented active exchange (which I can't due to other PC-based limitations).

    Yeah, I'll probably check out the Pre when Verizon gets it next year and my contract is up....but I'm not sold (and I have a spare 755p in a drawer for when this one is 'used up.')

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