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    i'm thinking Resco News is the best RSS reader out there for Palm OS?

    what is your favorite RSS reader either free or paid?
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    I have been using Neews for a while now, and find it to be great for my needs.

    Only problem I ever have is difficulty downloading entire articles.
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    agreed. don't understand why it doesn't automatically do that. I just downloaded the trial PRC and noticed that it will only grab the first sentence. you then have to click the download arrow for each article that you want to read... kind of annoying...

    I used quicknews in the past... I thought it was pretty good but Neeews has a better UI. I also tried TopStory which I thought was awful!

    not sure of any others out there.
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    I'm using Google Reader on my Centro. Works well and use it on my laptop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurboTiger View Post
    I'm using Google Reader on my Centro. Works well and use it on my laptop.

    Good Luck
    Same here. It works out better and there is no cost.
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    It would be nice if someone created a client-side rss reader that synced with Google Reader. There's one on WinMo called SpeeedReader. Using a proper rss reader can potentially reduce your data usage.
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    i put my hand up for Google Reader as well.
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    I've been using the Sunrise XP/Plucker combination and while it seems to work fine, I'm not completely sold on it. Nowhere near as slick as AvantGo.

    Can anyone compare Google Reader to Plucker? And will Sunrise work with Google Reader?
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