I am able to transfer files from my Centro to XP without issue. I set XP to receive file, I send from the Centro, all goes well.

I could not find a way to set the Centro to "Receive". When I right-click on a file in XP, then do "Send To -> Bluetooth Device", XP just times out. I have tried with MP3 files and JPG files. I have renamed the filenames to have no spaces, etc. I have transferred the files from the Centro to XP, then tried to transfer the same exact file back to the Centro (with and without renaming the file). Nothing seems to work. On the Centro, I don't understand the Connection settings under the Prefs program, but just for good measured I created a Bluetooth connection there and tried everything all over again. No luck.

I have read through quite a few threads. I have made sure that Beam Receive is On under Power settings (under the Prefs program.) I assume that making the Centro "discoverable" means to set it to "Visible" and I have done that. I have made XP discoverable also. I would like to do this without having to install apps as the whole family has Centros and some of them master reset their phones and don't want no more stinkin apps on their unit. (Haha, had some bad experiences with looping.)

Anyway, I appreciate any ideas. Thanks.