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    I am lookign to buy some software that will let me read and edit word/excel documents. above that i dont really carea about what else it supports. what are your recomendation? and any peices of software to stay away from.

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    I use Quicksheets for Excel and Wordsmith for Word. Love both of them and can recommend them with no qualms.
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    I use WordSmith and TinySheet. I'm happy with them both.
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    I use WordSmith and MiniCalc . Both work just fine. Also, Minicalc supports external memory cards, and WordSmith has a beta that does as well (I believe it should be a final release in a few weeks). Don't know if that appeals to you at all, but sure amkes things nice for me.

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    I also use Wordsmith and Minicalc and have been very happy with both of them. One of the main advantages of Wordsmith is that it keeps your formatting, particularly bold, underline, etc. If you work on relatively complex documents, having to reformat is really a problem. Unfortuantely, it doesn't support headings, so some reformatting may still be necessary. Minicalc's support of external memory cards is great! Really frees up space.
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    i would say wordsmith **** if you want a all in one type of thingy and dont mind price go the DOCS TO GO 4.0 Pro w/ the add on kit.
    i feel its second to wordsmith **** just think you can view power point, and PDF's too.

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    I will take a look at wordsmith it sounds like everyone likes it. and then take a look at the uicksheet and minicalc. Doc to go is expensive and doesnt do that much extra. I like the support for PDF's but you can download a PDF reader from adobe for free.

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