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    Once, a coworker of mine, who's no longer around, let me create a "silent alarm" with some program he had on his Visor.

    He emailed the system_midi_sounds.pdb to replace my default alarms, which I'd used for a couple of years now.

    Well, I had to hard reset the other day and that file got lost.

    Does anybody have a set of alarms with a silent alarm that they could send me?

    I would appreciate it.

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    On PalmGear I found a program called MidiEdit 0.2, (home site). It is alpha quality, however I was able to use it to edit the default alarms to add a new alarm that was silent. When I tried to using the program while GeekSounds was installed it would crash every time.
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    Great! That did the trick!


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    you can also check in your palm directory for a folder that contains all the files you ever installed but then deleted... this is separate from the back up directory. I don't recall the name of it (archieve? ).

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    Since it had the same name of the default midi file it seems to have been overwritten. I'm sure it was my fault (doing something stupid without making a copy...).

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