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    I downloaded Google Maps to my Verizon Centro. Now I find that it slows up "find" function, and consumes costly data units if used. How do I get rid of it? It does not show up in the delete menu, and nothing I've tried works. I thought there was a thread on this subject on this site earlier, but it seems to have disappeared.
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    FileZ is an application that allows you to roam the device looking for files. Once installed, either to the card (Palm/Launcher folder) or the device, select the device to start with, press the G key and see what happens.

    Was Google Maps installed on your device previously?
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    If it is like my Sprint 755p, Google Maps is built into the rom and any new Google map upgrades/updates will reside on the unit itself (non-rom).

    If this is true, first backup your phone using (my favorite) NVBackup just in case, then do a hard reset - Google maps except the one in rom will be gone.

    At least that is the way it is on mine.
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