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    I am looking for a good work time tracking program with the ability to calculate Overtime hours at differing rates ( time and a half and double time) based on the hours worked. Any Ideas?
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    I found this anyone using something else?
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    I have used Hour Pay for a year now. You would have to clock out and tap new record if a single shift went into overtime in the middle of the shift but even then it would be very easy to do. It supports cross date shifts and you can set up templates. Its extremley easy to use totals the pay for you, totaly the week for you. you can enter in as many different clients and different jobs as you wish.

    I myself put days of the week in the job category and the day time goes in in the client category, works perfect. I have tried 5 others and they are all junk. I talked to the developer yesterday and hes getting ready to add 5-way support.

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