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    I recently noticed an upgrade to Quickword and wanted some opinions to the program.
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    Originally posted by cfralick
    I recently noticed an upgrade to Quickword and wanted some opinions to the program.
    I bought QuickOffice last year, used QuickWord for 3 weeks, was underwhelmed.... and then WordSmith came out. Took one day of evaluation to ditch QuickWord forever.

    I've never looked back.
    Jeff Meyer

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    I dont like the latest 5.6 version; the HTML thingy does not work too well; viewing performance is noticeably slow; QuickWord used to support chinese characters, but in this version, it doesn't; the developers messed up apparently; QuickSheet is about the same. argh

    This is the kind of reason that I am thinking about switching to PPC. Though Palm OS has LOTS software for us, these software are mostly made by amature software developers or small companies. There are software that go from so-so to kudos, but there are also the ones that go from kudos to so-so, and there are also the cripleware and the abandonware. Therefore, we find ourselves constantly asking the same questions:

    2000: "what is the best datebook now??"
    2000: "ActionNames!"
    2001: "No, Datebook 4!"
    2002: "No, Datebook 4 doesn't support xxx anymore!"

    1999: "what's the best word editor??"
    2000: "peditor!"
    2000: "quickword!"
    2001: "wordsmith!"
    2001: "oh drat...quickword doesn't support handera330, i'll buy wordsmith!"
    2002: "oh drat! wordsmith doesn't support my new palm os device!"
    ...and the scenario goes on and on. Then you spent more money.

    I dont think I want to rely on these small companies anymore.

    Surely, PPC software availability is very limited, and the battery also. But with PPC, you can be sure you will have big companies like Microsoft backing you up, knowing Pocket Excel/Word only gets better, not worse; knowing you have big hardware companies like Compaq providing all sorts of hardware with the latest tech for its customers...etc, not some nameless 3rd party firms doing a lousy job for Palm OS devices.

    I am still using my Palm Vx, which is almost 2 years old. I still love it, and I still love those interesting Palm OS software. But Palm stuff is progressing too slow. I am betting my money on big companies.

    dont flame me
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    No flames just a few comments.

    Isnt CHOICE kinda nice?
    Your word editor example for instance. You have what, around 6 or so COMPETITORS for your dollar. I registered Docs to go last year. Wordsith comes out and is suprerior. Is that a bad thing? I registered Wordsmith, because I can afford it and prefer it. I could have still stuck with DTG, it still is a quality product which improved significantly during the year. There are many other choices available too. DTG has the best tables of all Word editors Pocket word included. Wordmith is universally considered better than Pocket word, overall the best. This constant competition leads to frequent upgrades.
    Now let look at PPC. During the entire year or so since PocketPC was released has Pocket Word changed at all? Only with PPC 2002 is there significant improvement. Still it is inferior to Wordsmith. During the next 12 months can you imagine how much Wordsmith and DTG will improve, while Pocket Word is at a standstill? Will Quickword or ThinkWord overtake The top two. You can be sure they will try. This is with an inferior proccesing power, and W/O the huge research budget of MS. These "small companies" are making better stuff despite this. Amazing.
    PPCs have better hardware, there is no debating. But when it come to software, the very point you take issue with are in fact advantages for Palm.
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    One comment: Microsoft Office pretty much dominates the PC word processing/spreadsheet/etc. world. I've been using these tools since the early 1990s.

    Without question, MS Word has gotten worse and worse with ever new revision. It's slower, and requires faster PCs to get the same performance; and contains "features" that get in the way, which are useless to me, and which, when I need them, don't work. (Try building an HTML page from a word document that you want to be read by a Web browser other than MS IE 5.0+.)

    Plus, the Word file format changes with almost every release, making it incompatible with earlier versions, and forcing customers to trade up to the new software.

    Basically, a new Microsoft revision, these days, basically means it contains features Microsoft wants; not the customer.

    Given all that, I'll stick to competition, rather than all the "benefits" I get from a single big company.

    Competition: it defeated Communism, and it'll eventually beat Bill!
    Jeff Meyer

    "And he died like he lived: with his mouth wide open."
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    Thanks for the posts, but I still need information about Quickword. Is it still that far behind Wordsmith to justify 450K of my memory. It seems to me that it does some things easier or better than Wordsmith. (ie. lists). I have both, and like both but for different reasons. I just want those of you whoe use the program(s) to comment on their plus and minus' and show me another point of view. I didn't ask about Microsoft, I asked about Quickword.
    "We are the people are parents warned us about."

    <b>Clark Fralick</b>
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    As an ebook reader, yes, QuickWord is far behind WordSmith. QuickWord doens't have smooth auto-scroll, and the paging speed is slow at some point. Wordsmith also support fonts.

    As a text editor, if you want to edit HTML, QuickWord is okay, but the conversion result is rather poor. Try converting a HTML to your PDA, then do a little editing, then sync it back to desktop. Poof!

    WordSmith...the best, of course. But I got rid of it at last. It is over-featured, I think. Why would we need the security feature anyway, when we can use other security app to do a better job? Opening speed is also too slow, and it eats memory to open a file. That are the biggest complaints Wordsmith usually get.
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    Hmm, you want WordSmith advantages. Others have mentioned the high-res fonts (but that's only good if you've got a color and/or high-res screen). I'd add:
    • Fast (I've got a VDX and it's smooth)
    • Excellent Stowaway keyboard support
    • Excellent Word/RTF conversion; solid conduit
    • Can convert WordSmith docs to plain Palm DOC docs
    • Doesn't try to convert all Palm DOC documents to it's own format upon installation, like QuickWord does (or did)
    • Good documentation
    • The best support in the Palm SW industry. Seriously, Blue Nomad is amazing. (Check out things people have said about their tech support on this board.)
    • VFS support in the next revision -- you'll be able to read and write to documents on external CF/SM cards, if you've got VFS support. (VFS could also relieve your memory issues some, BTW.)

    I think that will do it for now.
    Jeff Meyer

    "And he died like he lived: with his mouth wide open."
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    I use QuickWord with the rest of QuickOffice. I do not have WordSmith. QuickWord, in order of benefits to me:

    1. Problem free syncing with Word and Excel with QuickSheet.
    2. QuickOffice with QuickData/HanDBase and QuickSheet plugin/MultiMail is the beginning of OLE for handhelds. I look forward to other developments that allow the integration of data across all applications.
    3. QuickStart allows syncing of files that reside on memory card.
    4. Good text editor on a Visor Dlx. Not excellent, but I usually end up cleaning up serious work on the desktop.
    5. Ability to send QuickWord and QuickSheets as attachments to email, and have the recipient bounce the attachment off for a conversion to a Word or Excel document at no cost.
    6. Great support and a larger company, so they have a chance to survive the squeeze on .com's. Although it is hard to beef about a $40 software mistake.
    7. Scrolling, navigating, making bookmarks, printing, exporting/importing and distributing are easy and reliable.
    8. Good Stowaway and ThumBoard support.

    Overall a good purchase.
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    I have been checking into the different wordprocessing apps lately too (got a Snap n Type on the way).

    Wordsmith looks like the best full featured app, but how about MiniWrite for basic, text? I don't need to format away from my computer, just the "meat" of the paper.

    Anybody have comments on Miniwrite as a basic text editor? It does have a word convertor like the others. Also it's on sale now for only 10 bucks. It also only takes up about 35 k.

    Oh, yeah, it also has is VFS aware of docs on your cards, a big plus for my paltry 2 MB visor



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