I'm looking for a good terminal emulator or telnet client. I've tried Mocha Telnet, which seems okay, but when I use it with my stowaway, it takes 10 or more seconds for each character to show up. pTelnet is good (and free!) but it only supports 64 columns.

I need 80 columns (an option for 132 would be great) and at least 24 lines on a virtual screen. A decent memory buffer would be great. Needs to work with the Stowaway, and ideally the ThumBoard as well.

Any thoughts?

(And if anyone knows of an HP terminal emulator (hp 2645, 2392 or 700 series), I could really use one.)

I'm putting together a presentation to convince a client that they should buy Visors and VisorPhones for all their support people.