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    Is there any way to only show scheduled time in the calendar. I would like to remove all the open time with nothing scheduled so that all I see is actual appointments in a more condensed view. TYIA
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    Menu > Options > Preferences

    Set Start Time = End Time
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    You mean in 'Day' view? Have u tried the 'Agenda' view? It's the way you're describing, but it's only the upcoming events, not all of them.

    If you go into the Day view preferences and select 'Compress Day View' it will cut out most of the unused times to make all your appointments for the day fit together better on the screen. Is that kinda what you're looking for?
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    Yup, haha. My 3rd Centro died & I decided to try a 755p. I love it, wish I woulda switched long ago.

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