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    My wife recently brought home eTeacher, a program that teachers can use to keep track of marks, report card comments, etc.

    I saw that there is a "moble" edition of the software for the Palm OS. I was wondering if any educators out there are using this Palm version, and if so, could you comment on its usefulness?

    Chris Bye
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    I don't use eTeacher, but I do use and like Teacher's P.E.T. which is available at . They also have a Yahoo forum at . You could probably get some good information from the TPET forum, because they normally have experience with other products as well.

    Update: Media-X IS the company that makes the desktop version of TPET and eTeacher. The desktop is called Teacher's Desk. Teacher's Desk has not been getting rave reviews, but Media-x is supposed to release a major update December. Definately checkout the TPET Yahoo forum for more info. TPET and TDesk are by different companies, but are designed to work in tandem with each other.
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    Thanks for the input - I'll check it out.
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    Good luck, and let me know what you decide to do. I'm interested in a good desktop gradebook myself. I'm planning to see what the next release of TDesk brings.

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