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    If anyone would like some new visorphone software made by ZMR communications, for beta testing, just send an email to me

    Full Software Demo is free to use, with you as a beta tester. You comments will be collected in a database to make software better.
    Read below for description of this great new software for Visorphone users.

    Revolutionary software for The VisorPhone (GSM Standard with SMS messaging) allows for the free reception of customized content from virtually any part of millions of websites, web-based email accounts, or databases. With our Windows based click-and-send browser technology, and our PalmOS organization tool, you can organize all received data on your HandSpring Visor into graphs, tables, and headlines that zoom into full articles. Create your own virtual newspaper to form a windows-like screen. Removes character length limits and turn short messages from SMS into longer ones. Easy to use with advanced features that updates your real time spreadsheets or perform excel like calculations with incoming data. Check web-based corporate or personal email accounts, fantasy sports scores, all your stocks from a ticker, all without having to dial-up, log-on, or wait. CommBlox for PalmOS goes well beyond the capabilities of the AvantGo, Yodlee2Go, or PalmVII, and wirelessly received content sent by information services like Oracle Mobile, MSN Mobile, CNN E-mail Edit.

    Features of CommBlox for PalmOS:
    Supports message receiving for multiple wireless devices including GlenAyre 2-Way pager, InfoMitt 1-way pager and The VisorPhone
    Removes character length limits and turn short messages from SMS into longer ones
    Up to 32 different layouts (Screens)
    Allows 64 numeric channels
    Parses numeric data from incoming message
    Filters messages for each window
    Markers for automatic positioning of text in window
    5 types of windows (text, number, channel, formula, mail slot)
    Allows alarm setting for each window
    Excel-like formulas for automatic calculations of live data!
    4 types of graphs (Line, stock, bar and list )
    Graphs can be traced with stylus
    Zooms into each window or graph
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    Yo...don't spam the message boards multiple times with your first three posts. Have a little tact when attempting to spam discussion boards...
    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
    -David Byrne
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    Is this the same thing as this software sold on Handango called:
    CommBlox VisorPhone edition by ZMR Communications LLC ?

    Actually it looks kind of interesting, I guess there is no dial up ISP involved if it uses SMS as the carrier, but probably racks up SMS message usage. This is the URL of what this software appears to be...Like Here ?
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    Thank you all for your postive replies. Sorry about the Spam appearance, but we were only trying to get Beta testers from all areas of interest.

    CommBlox by ZMR has a new version, and we are looking for Beta Testers. This product can be viewed at , or you can request a download by sending an email to

    The software is relatively Bug free, and easy to use. We do request that once you use it though, send us an email letting us know about your experience.

    Thank you

    Marco Tomat
    ZMR, Communications
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    Marco, this looks great SMS architecture, it is a sort of always on approach in GSM maybe on demand is a better term. It the product runs on SMS technology I would assume there is some 3rd party packaging and sending the content which begs the question, Is there any subscription involved to use this product to the content provider?
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    The nice thing about this product is that it parses and combines SMS messages, and utilizes the free incoming messages that you get when you subscribe to SMS on your VIsorphone.

    It also uses a windows based minibrowser, of which you can simply browse any web-site, and once you find information that you want unpdated on, you can highlight that text box, right click it, and that info is sent to your Visor. It will update your Visor, as you require it, and send only the information you highlighted in the first place.

    So to answer you question, there are no other subscriptions needed.


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