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    How do I Remove Duplicate Contacts from my 755P? I synced to another computer and now I have duplicates of all my contacts. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    You originally posted this on the 750 forum which is a WM device. I hope you are asking about Palm OS sync. If not, you can correct your post and I can move this back.

    For the Palm OS sync, you can make a choice to which direct you you want to sync, for example: Sync to PC#1, but sync all changes. Sync to PC#2, overlay from Handheld always.

    To do this, right click Hotsync > Custom > Highlight contacts > click Change button > from there you could pick the setting (synchronize the files) for PC#1 and Handheld overwrites desktop for PC#2. There are third party solutions like the ones provided by Chapura. I am sure there are more ways to resolve this.

    If you are synching contacts to MS Outlook, and the duplicates are in MS Outlook already, you may want to look at this I have not used this myself since my contacts are below 2000 and I have the patience to compare and clear dupes manually.
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    Try Undupe. You can trial it for 14 days, but it's about the best $10 I have ever spent on palm software.

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