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    Beezy - A Personal Productivity System
    Beezy is a Task and Time Management System for the Palm OS and StyleTap platforms. It is a personal productivity system that will motivate you to become a high achiever. Beezy emerge from harmonizing two popular productivity systems, Getting Things Done (GTD) and Do IT Tomorrow (DIT).

    The simplicity of Beezy’s interface, the ease of use, and the richness of its features, makes it a clear choice for anyone looking for a personal productivity system for the Palm OS.

    Beezy v2 offers a Light Version that is free for anyone who wants to use Beezy.
    Furthermore we have developed a native version for StyleTap as if it were developed in Windows Mobile, with vibration, audio commands, and on top reminders like Beezy for the Palm OS.
    Both versions can be downloaded from Beezy website
    You can download and try the light version entirely FREE.
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    Is this sort of junk and self promotion permitted here? -

    "Currently Beezy is offered as a Palm OS application for existing HanDBase users. You are about to get this special offer for only $19."

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