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    Does anyone have experience with getting a replacement unit recently?

    My 3-yeard old unit has the red / green / blue screen of death, so I guess I'm gonna have to get it replaced.

    Any chance of getting them to replace it with something different?
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    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I'm on Sprint.
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    Give them a call

    I would imagine a Centro or a Treo Pro, but I am guessing.
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    Well, I took it to the Sprint store to have the tech look at it, and he basically looked at the contacts on the bottom of the phone and said it was water damaged.

    The phone has never been in contact with water, but yeah, copper contacts are going to get oxidation on them in 3 years, sure.

    Am I going to have to pay $100 to have the phone replaced through the TEP? I've always gotten replacements through Sprint in the past, never had to deal directly with the insurance people.

    But, I have a shiny new Pre, so all is good!
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    From what I've HEARD (and this just might be the VZW does it, so YMMV), either the battery itself, or something else in the phone's battery housing will change color when it's gotten wet, which is typically how the techies reach that conclusion. I'm pretty sure the moisture of keeping the phone in a pants pocket will also "trigger" it for a false-positive, but again this is all hearsay.
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    a humid pocket can kill a phone?

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